The 9th case of the coronavirus has been confirmed in the UK, where it has reached London.

The patient flew into London from China, and began to develop symptoms of the virus.

A total of 48,206 people are being treated for the COVID-19, with most of them being in the Hubei province alone, in Wuhan. Steven Walsh, the man who has spread the coronavirus in the UK, a businessman from East Sussex, has now been discharged from hospital after being given the all-clear from the Coronavirus. He contracted the virus on a business trip to Singapore.

The 83 patients who were on the first flight to evacuate Wuhan two weeks ago are set to be released today from Merseyside after they all tested negative for the Coronavirus. Khan Lambert, said he was “excited to be coming home”.

Government sources say that there is no reason for the public to be concerned for those being discharged from quarantine, and they have asked for the privacy of those being released to be respected.