Matt Bolwell, Cornish Rugby player, has grown through the ranks and signed a new contract to play for another year at the Cornish pirates.

At the age of four, his obsession with rugby began by hurling a ball around with a family friend and local coach.

Moving towards his teens, he grew into his local team at the Wadebridge Camels where he bonded with players and staff who he still remains loyal, to this day.

Jon Hughes, President at the Wadebridge Camels claims that Bolwell ‘always stood out’ and he is ‘delighted that he has signed for another year’.

Bolwell’s gung-ho playing style concerns Hughes. He predicts: “If he can stay fit, because he’s had terrible luck with injuries, really nasty injuries, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t go a lot higher.”

When asked about his playing style, Bolwell replied: “If it means I’m injured, I’m injured. If I didn’t do that, I would be a different player.”

During the early stages at the Pirates he was made aware of the volatile nature of the game, suffering injuries that knocked him out of the play during his first two seasons.

His family clarified the importance of having a back-up plan and so he made the decision to undertake an online degree in Construction at Reading University in a bid to protect his future.

He is extremely thankful towards his parents who motivated and inspired him to pursue his desired career path. He says: “Without my dad or parents I wouldn’t have been able to do it. The support from family is essential.”

Bolwell has been a resident player at the Pirates since 2013/14 and is admired by his fellow team mates and coaches.

According to the Cornish Pirates website, Alan Paver, Coach at the Pirates, is encouraged by the strength and synergy that Matt has shown over the past season and looks forward to future games having had an extremely good run this year.

He expressed: “Matt has shown he’s a tough performer. He’s super aggressive, dynamic, good with ball in hand and, as a real competitor, is just the right type of young player to have in our environment.”

Bolwell is anticipating another successful season at the pirates, with the majority of the same squad hoping to take off from where they left off this season.