The Arts Week in the local village of Flushing is well underway, attracting many people to the events being held.

The village puts on many crafty sessions throughout the 7 days and evenings, encouraging local residents and visitors to the area to try new things and get creative.

The festival runs every year throughout the summer half-term, and is put together and run by the non-profit Flushing Arts organisation.

An art & crafts exhibition is held for local artists to show off their work to visitors, as well as giving them an opportunity to sell prints and original pieces.

Also featured during the week are numerous art installations and displays in locations around the village, helping people of all ages enjoy all forms of art in easily accessible areas.

Other events the village has to offer for the week include a Terracotta Robot Army building workshop, a mural painting, film screenings and story-telling performances.

Truthfal went to one such event, a children’s totem pole making workshop at St Peter’s Church Hall, and spoke to the organiser, Steven Thompson, about what the session and the week has to offer visitors.