Walking along the dark path to the AMATA, the anticipation built as I wondered what this ‘Tinned fruit plus Skinny Milk’ was all about. The crowd was geared up for the night with a variety of students and other people from around Cornwall. The room was small and crowded, filled to the brim with fans of both bands. Credit to the AMATA for setting up the event and putting everything together including the bar. Excitement filled the air around; however, I still wasn’t sure of how this event would be, especially since the last time I listened to punk/rock music was when I was 14 years of age during my classic ‘emo’ stage.

Skinny Milk got together six months ago. Originally from Brighton, the band consists of two members: bass player and vocalist Johnny Hart and drummer Tim Cox. They opened for Tinned Fruit with numerous songs that I wish I could list, however, the vocalist for the band wasn’t very vocal, to say the least. His voice was drowned out by the sounds of the drum and guitar as the bass vibrated through my chest.

Despite the lack of enjoyment, what did catch my attention were the skills of drummer Cox. Pure innovation and skill whilst playing, Tim Cox’s face showed the passion he has for his band. As for Johnny Hart, the bass guitarist and vocalist, his skills seemed to be more in the department of instruments rather than vocals as he lacked anything truly amazing and memorable to his voice. Skinny Milk’s performance overall consisted of head swinging and sweat.

Hoping for a better performance from Tinned fruit debuting their third album release, I walked onto the terrace with a cigarette and cider trying to recover what was left of my hearing. Tinned Fruit are a Falmouth made band specialising in garage rock/ fuzz pop. The three members Alex Smith the drummer, Dan Ledley, bass and vocalist and Danny Withers, guitar and vocalist.

Hearing the sound checks I made my way inside and prepared for yet another disappointment and yes that’s right, I was correct. I prefer artists such as Paramore and Bring Me the Horizon who is a little bit more mainstream and fit with my taste. Despite my personal opinion, however, their stage presence wasn’t hard to miss as they lit up the stage with their energetic and loud personalities.

The crowd cheered and headbanged along to every one of their songs including two mosh pits, a big circle everyone rushes into once the bass drops. Their reputation proceeded them as the crowd cheered and begged for more from them, for me it was time to call it a night as I couldn’t bere to listen to one more song.

The last two songs seemed to have a better response before Dan and Danny collapsed to the floor still playing their instruments, making for a spectacular finish and the crowd going wild for them. The buzz of the fans runs wild through the very small and cramped space as the lights still shine on the stars of the show. Looking around the room almost everyone seemed impressed with both Skinny Milk and Tinned Fruit, but this was a bad combination for me, and I think I’ll be having only fresh fruit and full-fat milk from now on.