Good evening, this is Tom Reynolds and Kurt Robson bringing you live updates of the horrendous fire to one of the worlds most famous buildings – the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.


  • Around 4:50pm GMT, a fire broke out at Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • It has since destroyed the majority of the roof, and a symbol of the landmark – the spire, has collapsed. Attempts to stop the fire extending to the towers were successful and now the fire is a controlled state and the worst has passed.
  • There haven’t been any deaths confirmed and firefighters have used “all means” to tackle the blaze, with one injury.
  • Police are currently treating the fire as an accident, possibly linked to recent renovations.
  • Hundreds of years of art and antiquities could possibly be lost, including the rare organ and Rose Windows. However the Crown of Thorns, the Tunic of Saint Louis and the Statues of the Apostles have all been secured.
  • Emmanuel Macron, the President of France has spoken announcing “we will rebuild Notre-Dame” and has set up an international fundraiser.
  • Messages of support have come in from around the world with immaculate praise for the fire crews.