Light for Life, a student collective, hosted an immersive art exhibition in Curious Hall, Falmouth, last Friday. The event was held in aid of Cancer Research UK, a charity which the group have a close relationship with. Cherry-Rosa Cullen, Kandice Fung, and Greta D’Emilio, the sole members of Light for Life, created the event to bring art into the local community in a unique and original form. This new type of exhibition showcases life and hope through artwork and is an exciting and interactive way to give to a good cause.

The event saw a plethora of local artists sharing their work with several immersive aspects such as infinity mirrors, laser lights, and sand animation. Light for Life was inspired by the work of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, a contemporary approach to an art exhibition, which the collective hoped would inspire more charity-based art within Falmouth.

Being the first event of its kind in Falmouth, Light for Life was a surprising popular event with a turnout of around 100 people. The company aims to continue organizing similar events in order to promote Cancer awareness through unique and artistic events.

Sophie Barber, Fundraising Manager from Cancer Research UK Cornwall, said: “We are so excited about this new event for Cancer Research in Falmouth. It has been a pleasure”.