The Cornwall and South Devon Boxer Rescue have been holding events all over the county, including dog walks and raffles. Their most recent event was on the 24th February at Gyllyngvase beach, where they raised over £60.


Dog walkers take to the beach to raise funds.

The charity is trying to raise funds for new kennels in order to start taking on dogs with behavioral issues that cannot be housed with the other dogs.

As Dog Welfare Officer, Angie (pictured below) explains, rescued boxers (as well as other breeds) are often put down as a result of behavioral issues they have developed due to mistreatment.

She added: “The CSDBR wants to be able to take on as many dogs as possible.”

Dog Welfare Officer, Angie, posing with one of her rescue dogs.


Speaking about the amount of money raised for the kennels, she said “It might not sound like much, but for a specialised rescue like us, it’s been a big deal.”

Archie, a Labrador-Rottweiler cross, enjoying the day.

(Pictured left): Archie, an ‘honorary boxer’. Archie comes along to most fundraisers and is great at using his gentle nature to calm nervous dogs. His owner explains that he spent over three years in kennels after being rescued, as three different owners adopted him but returned him shortly after, as they found he wasn’t what they were looking for. Archie has now found a home for life.

Basil and Stanley (below), this handsome duo are an example of the kind of dogs in need of extra protection. Basil’s missing leg made him difficult to find a home for.

Their owner went on to explain: “You don’t see as many white boxers because it’s not the ‘desired look’ for the breed. Many breeders put white dogs down, as they decrease the market value of the litter.”

Basil and Stanley, a pair of rescued Boxer dogs.

The weather for the day was very fortunate, as many dogs took to the beach for a swim and a spot of sunbathing.

Playing fetch in the sea.

‘Who’s taking who for a walk?’

Regarding their future plans, Angie explains: “We’ve laid the groundwork for the Kennels, but we’ve still got a long way to go before we reach our target.”