The people’s vote march in October 2018 which saw hundreds of thousands of attendees

Grassroots organisation ‘Cornwall for Europe’ has announced the booking of three buses to transport people from all over Cornwall to London to attend the “Put it to the people” people’s vote march in London on March 23rd.

The march aims to call for a revote on Brexit, by making “the calls for a people’s vote too loud to ignore” as stated on the official website.

Cornwall for Europe, who is campaigning for the UK to remain a member of the EU, tweeted:

The tweet from Cornwall for Europe, announcing the booking of busses from Cornwall to the march

“We’ve booked 3 buses from #Cornwall for the #PutItToThePeople March on 23 March! Pick-up points at: – St Blazey – Truro – Falmouth – Victoria near Roche on the old A30 – Penzance – Redruth/Camborne – Launceston This will be HUGE – join us!”

The march is expected to see hundreds of thousands of peaceful protesters gather and embark from Park Lane to Parliament Square at 12 pm.

Tom Scott, a lecturer at Falmouth University and head of social media for Cornwall for Europe explained his views: “I think [Brexit] is an absolute disaster for this country… The disastrous impacts are becoming clearer by the day.”

Estimated number of jobs lost following a ‘no deal’ Brexit. Source: University of Sussex via

Scott believes that Brexit is a “complete catastrophe” threatening to put businesses all over the country “that have not already evacuated the UK” out of business, along with the loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs.

“There are so many ways it’s bad for this country it would take too long to describe them,” Scott continued. “This university probably wouldn’t exist if it was not for funding from the EU, and it has invested in Cornwall in all kinds of other ways as well, making a massively positive impact.

“I think the basic fact of it is that we have reached a complete block in the road with Brexit and parliament simply can’t decide how to proceed. In that situation, it makes perfect sense to go back to the people and ask what they think is the best way forward.”

Scott will join the march just as he did for the last demonstration in October 2018; the second biggest peaceful protest in the UK in the last century, which mustered crowds rumoured to be 700,000 strong. “This one should be even bigger,” Scott added excitedly.

Leave voter Mike Bradley told Truthfal via Twitter: “I think the march is a bloody waste of a good day off, leave means leave and we should come to a sensible agreement as fellow Europeans and neighbours.”

Although the head of social media highlighted that there will be hundreds of Cornish people finding their own way up to London, it is likely that more coaches will have to be booked, as two of the three have already been filled.

Bus tickets are priced at £25, “basically as a low-cost means of transport for people who might find it difficult otherwise to get there” as phrased by Scott.

Alternatively, for those who simply can’t make it to London, there will also be a much smaller scale march in Truro on the same day. More details on the buses can be found here: