Rebecca Heane, owner of Cream on Falmouth High Street, has said she doesn’t believe the council cares about local businesses.

Her comments come after Western Power began their second year of replacing old electrical cable lines as part of their five-year plan.

She said: “The feeling from business owners is that nobody really cares. We have already lost Marks and Spencer’s, Smyths looks like it will go as well. The question really is, what are we going to do?”

Unwanted disruption: Rebecca Heane, owner of Cream(pictured left) says, “something needs to be done”

The disruption in the town has prevented business owners from getting access to their stores and has forced them to find alternative ways to bring in stock.

Rebecca said: “We have to go up and down the high street. Trolleys are being used in order to bring in stock as the works have made access impossible. Everybody is sick of it.”

She believes considerations were not made during the planning process and more can be done to compensate local businesses.

“They could be offering some relief on the rates we have to pay.” Said Rebecca, “I think that would be a good starter. If my revenue is down 65%, my rates should also drop 65%. That would be a big help.”

Alternatives for how the work could be managed has been suggested to the council, such as night work.

“We talked to them at the traders meeting about night work. If we went to Germany or something they would be working 24/7 and the job would be done. They didn’t want to do that in case of upsetting residents but for me, we are upset and the work should be complete as soon as possible.” Said Rebecca.

The roadworks are taking place between Grapes Inn and Church Street corner. Once this section is complete, the works will pick up again in January 2020.

Rebecca said, “Something needs to be done otherwise there won’t be a town, it’s as simple as that.”

Affecting Business: Rebecca Heane says, “If my revenue is down 65%, my rates should also drop 65%. That would be a big help.”

In order to minimise disruption, the council have advised businesses to ensure all deliveries and collections are finished as early as possible and before 11am, when the usual highways regulations are enforced.

Paul Horrell, the Project Liaison Officer, can be contacted if business owners have any concerns or questions regarding the work, as well as the Falmouth Town team.

The council have been contacted but provided no comment at the time of publication.