Following the death of a man in a car collision on Killigrew Street in Falmouth, police are now appealing for witnesses.

The 76-year-old man was hit by a silver Seat Leon in the hour of 8pm on Friday 30 November at the crossroads between Killigrew Place and Kimberley Place, according to police reports.

The silver Seat Leon involved in the accident

Several police cars and ambulances were called to the scene at about 8:45pm. A helicopter was also reported to have been called to the scene.

Killigrew Street was completely blocked off, the lower half being taped up shortly afterwards.

The accident on Killigrew Street

According to the Devon and Cornwall Police Force, the Falmouth man sustained serious injuries and, despite the best efforts of paramedics, died shortly after arriving at Treliske Hospital.

Flowers at the scene of the accident

Residents of Falmouth are now expressing concerns for the safety of this busy street.

Jack Hollingworth, from Launceston but now a resident on Killigrew Street, said: “It’s terrifying how fast people go down that hill. You have to be so careful walking down the street or crossing the road.”

Samuel Barnes, also a resident on Killigrew Street, said: “It’s kind of surreal that we were all just in our homes the night that a man was killed on the street just outside. It really puts things into perspective. I’ve definitely been a lot more cautious walking down Killigrew since it’s happened. You never know what how people are going to drive up and down that hill so you really have to be careful.”

Police are asking for anyone who witnessed the collision or saw a silver Seat Leon driving in the area at the time to contact them via or by phone on 101, quoting log number 863 of 30/11/18.

Video from the scene of the accident: