Truthfal’s Emma-Leigh Hopkins asks if legalizing cannabis could have a beneficial effect for the NHS

Canada has become the first 67 country to legalise the controversial class B drug, marijuana.

Unlike the United Kingdom, where you can land a 14 year prison sentence for supplying the drug, anyone over the age of 19 (18 in two provinces) can now carry up to 30 grams of dried Marijuana and grow 4 plants for personal use, as well as being able to share the substance amongst friends and produce Cannabis based products.

The new law brings in restrictions to keep minors safe. For example, packaging should not be appealing to those under the age of 18 as well there being restrictions on the type of products sold. However, by making Marijuana legal it is predicted it will create 4.5 billion Canadian dollars’ worth of industry.

If we as a country were to make this step and legalise the drug it is estimated that we could generate up to £3 billion a year in taxes – money that could potentially be used to help support the NHS, as well as freeing up the prison system.

Truthfal went out onto the streets of Falmouth to get opinion on the issue. Listen to their answers below: