Since the turn of 2018, the fight against plastics around our coastline has picked up significant backing across the United Kingdom. In Falmouth, particularly, the fight against plastics through action groups Plastic Free Falmouth and Falmouth Marine Conservation worked relentlessly to have Falmouth awarded with the Plastic Free Coastline status, just six weeks after starting the campaign having met all requirements by the Surfers against Sewage.

Through FXPlus, Falmouth University and Exeter University use in excess of 1.8million disposable coffee cups between them, producing a substantial amount of plastic waste, which doesn’t all make it into recycling. This is just one of the many issues that the are looking to be tackled by the management at the universities surrounding the waste that they produce.

Truthfal’s Kieran Buggs spoke to Falmouth University Chief Operating Officer, Peter Cox, about the plans that the university have implemented and where else they look to reduce the use of single-use plastics.