Jaime Molina, a third year Marine and Natural History Photography student at Falmouth University, says he has been ‘stupified’ by the support of his fundraiser to bring his mother over from Colombia for graduation, after she was robbed of her savings.


Jaime’s mother Luz, an ex-nurse, thought she was helping someone in need when she was drugged using the notorious Colombian substance, Burundanga: a drug that can entirely remove a person’s willpower, making them open to any suggestion made by the person who spiked them.


Jaime with his mother Luz Helena Velez


Jaime said: “The woman she thought she was helping had hidden the powder in a book. She opened the pages and blew it into mums face. That’s all it took. Another guy came in then. They took her to the supermarket, and had her take out all her money. She was aware of what was happening but she couldn’t control it. When they realised she was kind of conscious they left her. After a half hour blackout she got back control and called the police.”


Sadly just weeks before his mother was robbed, Jaime’s father died in a cycling accident in Colombia. However, after a friend suggested a crowdfund to raise the money to bring his mother across things started to look a little brighter.


Many of Jaime’s coursemates donated prints to the gofundme campaign that has raised £815 in just four days: “Our goal is to raise £1000 to cover the travel costs. Two of my friends offered to accommodate her whilst she was here. I’m working alongside it, but the money also needs to cover the cost of producing and sending the prints that we are giving to people who donate. We have had friends and family who have donated, but most people have been from the UK which is amazing.”


The selection of prints donated to Jaime’s fundraising campaign


Jazz Cherrington, a friend and coursemate of Jaime, donated her print “Dartmoor Quarry” to the fundraiser. She said: “Nine of us have donated prints to act as rewards for people who have contributed to the Go Fund Me fundraiser; it is really important to Jaime, to be able to give something back to the people who have helped him. As one of our closest friends, all of us just want to help in any way we can.”


When asked about the amount of donations he’d received, Jaime said: “Me and my mother have been stupified by the amount people donated. It’s been an eye opening experience to see everyone help. We’ve been amazed by the amount people here in the UK have donated. I think it’s about 80% people from over here that have contributed to the gofundme.”


You can find Jaime’s campaign at https://www.gofundme.com/Bringjaimesmomtohisgraduation, where you can donate, and in return for a print based on the level your donation fits into.