Local home run business Doughnut Addiction has partnered up with students from the events management course at Falmouth University to raise awareness for the dangers on drug addiction.

The new company, which delivers Doughnuts to peoples homes, offered free samples of their confectionery to people who take part in an event that was being run on the Penryn campus.

The events management team worked through the night to set up the project that lasted an entire afternoon. One of the event coordinators Charlotte Wilkie said: “the event was a giant success, everything went really smoothly and I believe people really enjoyed themselves whilst they were educated on the issues surrounding drug addiction.”

The efforts to raise awareness have been due to the intense drug taking culture at British universities. A recent study at the University of Leeds found that 85% of students had tried an illegal substance since starting their degree.

The event had interactive experiences, including eating samples and taking pictures that could be shared with an opportunity to win a box of doughnuts from the company themselves. Strong visuals in the form of synced lighting and impressive displays made for an immersive experience.

When speaking about the work that went into the planning and setting up the event, Wilkie said: “It has taken months to plan for one afternoon, but it has been worth it and the teams I have worked with have been amazing.”

The most commonly used drug among adults aged 16-59 years is cannabis, with powdered cocaine being a close second and with such a strong drug culture on university campuses, there is a demand for more education on the effects of substance abuse.