Cornwall RFU U20s rugby side will head to Twickenham on Sunday 6th May to face Yorkshire U20s in the final of the Jason Leonard U20 County Championship.

The Cornish side pulled of a dramatic 9-8 victory in the semi-final which confirmed their place in the final.

Captain of the side Torin Clarke said: “We spent about 20 minutes in their half and didn’t come away with any points, so we need to take our opportunities.”

Playing at the Home of Rugby is a massive opportunity and player Jake Penprase told Truthfal: “I’m excited it’s a big game to play at Twickenham but that is the aspiration for everyone, the whole point of this tournament was to get there and hopefully we can win.”

Former captain Josh Lord, who now coaches the current side, said: “We have basically asked them for an 80 minute performance we haven’t had one all the way through, the semi-final was perhaps full of mistakes at times but if we play for 80 minutes to the best of our ability then we can beat anyone on our day.”

The team have gone unbeaten throughout the competition facing a series of tough challenges which they have successfully overcome.

Yorkshire present possibly their toughest opposition yet but Captain Torin Clarke: “It seems like quite an even match, I doubt they’ve seen how we play and we haven’t seen how they play, so it will be a case of playing it on the day and if we can adapt to how they play and use it to our advantage when that happens but the way we trained today and performed throughout the season I have no doubts in the boys.”

Manager Colin Hatch said: “They can only grow in confidence every game has been quite tight but they have won them and that’s what I’ve said to them right now, people can say oh you only won by a point but that doesn’t matter, they are in the final and that’s what they have to take from it.”