Typhoon was an event hosted by three students, held in the name of the Ball Boys charity which attempts to raise awareness surrounding testicular cancer. Truthfal’s Harry Tribe and William Candelent visited to find out what the event was all about.




The event consisted of an inflatable obstacle course, crawling under a net, running through a series of tyres before finding and clearing items from the ball pit with the team setting the fastest time winning a prize.


The event was held in attribution to a final second year grade for Viki Hooker, Molly Webb and Abbi Whitney who all share an avid interest in sports.


All three students realised early on in the planning stages of the event the importance of checking your body to avoid cancer.


Underpinned by a wealth of research they found that there is a clear lack of awareness towards mens testicular cancer and so this formed the premise of the event.


They collectively contacted Ball Boys to form a partnership,. The aim of the charity is to directly target the social stigma that is formed around testicular cancer and to get young men to start talking more openly about it.


Testicular cancer is most commonly found in males aged 15-49 and nearly 50% of all cases are found in men under 35 so it is unsettling how little conversation is made around the issue.


Ball Boys specifically wants to educate men on the main issues that surround testicular cancer and visually identify with ball sports in way of branding themselves in a wide sphere of cancer related charities.


Testicular cancer is known as one of the most treatable and curable cancers when found in its early stages and so it is pivotal to address issues promptly.


For more information and support on issues surrounding testicular cancer visit the Ball Boys website: www.ballboys.org.uk


Being a student led event, Hamilton Fraser were the leading sponsor for the event. The corporation fits perfectly alongside Typhoon as they are product suppliers to the Student Rented Sector.


Due to weather conditions MAV productions were forced to postpone the event.


The event successfully went ahead today at 1- 4pm with plenty of people participating and raising money for a great cause.


Tickets ranged from £7-£10 depending on how many people were taking part on the course.