Students from Camborne School of Mines are preparing for the upcoming International Mining Games which are being held this Easter at King Edward Mine in Troon, near Camborne. Forty teams from countries such as Brazil, USA and Australia will be competing over three days of competition.

The games comprise 7 disciplines that reflect traditional mining methods – mucking (filling a cart with gravel and pushing it up and down a track); handsteel (hitting a steel rod into concrete); Swede saw (sawing a 6×6 block of timber); trackstand (constructing and deconstructing a rail track); Jack leg (drilling a series of holes with a pneumatic drill); surveying (using traditional equipment to survey known coordinates); gold panning (find 5 flattened pieces of lead in sand).

Kevin Bishop went to King Edward Mine on a snowy Sunday to see how the CSM teams are training as the competition approaches.

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