As students are waking up this morning to yet another snowy Falmouth, after the chaos of the recent snow days has just died down, many students are not as elated as some would think.

Falmouth rooftops covered in snow


What used to bring joy to us all as young school children, now appears to bring worry to some students whose education is suffering.

Joe Aslett, studying marine biology, said: “Cornwall is not prepared for snow. There’s no grit, there’s no snow ploughs. There is no determination to get anything done. It’s like Cornwall just flops over and dies when it snows.”

Falmouth University posted on twitter at 8 am this morning “Our campuses remain open but, in light of recent snow, we ask anyone who has not yet set off to remain where they are and not to attempt to travel.”

Tia Hurman, a dance student, said: “It’s very annoying. I got up really early this morning to be in for 9 and then I see on twitter that we’ve been told not to start travelling if we haven’t already.”

Esther Wilson, studying Creative Events Management, added: “As someone who is from Falmouth originally, I haven’t seen snow like this in years. It’s great that we get to experience it down here again, but I have work to do and deadlines coming up and my grades are at risk if I can’t get into uni. I’d pick a good degree mark over a day of snow.”

Last week Cornwall experienced the worst snow it’s seen in years. Many schools and businesses were forced to close due to the extreme weather, including Falmouth university which shut its doors for 2 days.

Although this first wave of snow brought much excitement with it for people, the damage it caused to some businesses, particularly those located on the beach front at Gyllngvase Beach, Maenporth Beach, and Swanpool Beach, was devastating.

With another blanket of snow covering Falmouth today, some students are anxious for what this might mean.

Allie Guy, studying journalism at Falmouth University, said: “The snow worries me. It’s mid-March and I can’t help but think that this is just the beginning of us witnessing the effects of global warming. It might be nice to play in and pretty to see but I think we all need to start thinking about what this extreme weather really means.”


Video: Falmouth covered in snow