Lusty Glaze, a small beach tucked behind the Newquay cliffs, was devastated on Monday afternoon when a landslide came crashing down onto the beach huts below.

Known for its beaches, this was nothing new for Newquay town. Landslides are a common occurrence along the coast line, normally due to bad weather. But locals are fearing that new buildings will weaken the granite further.

One local, who wished to stay anonymous, told us: “There’s a lot of planning permission going in for hotels and all sorts.” She then went on to tell us that the council are planning to hold a meeting later in the year to see if “there’s anything to be done”.

“It’s a shame for the owners,” said a local gentleman, “It would probably affect the business a lot, they do wedding receptions.” When asked if the council could do more, he said, “It’s such a big coast line, who’s going to pay for it?”

This was the overall feeling of the day. As a natural disaster, the local population know it can happen at any time and feel it’s not the best idea to keep building along the cliff tops.

Fortunately, it was off season so nobody was hurt. Some of the beach huts that were being used as storage were destroyed and are currently being burnt on the sands as they could not be saved.

We have been informed that a press release will be issued at the end of the day with more information.