Truthfal’s Ollie Ashmore interviews rising comedian Louis Burgess on building a following and his aspirations for his comedic career.

On the first Monday of every month, local bar Toast plays host to some of Cornwall’s finest comedians.

The open mic night hasn’t been shy to host big names in comedy before, with a previous visit from Sean Walsh who has held appearance’s on various popular TV shows such as Live at the Apollo and Play to the Whistle.

Louis Burgess, who was a semi-finalist for the BBC Radio 4 new comedy award, took to the stage to deliver a musically infused performance that barely left the room silent.

The up-and-comer is best known for his viral Facebook video entitled ‘long build ups and disappointing drops’ which poked fun at electronic music, taking on a satirical approach to its production.

Since going viral, Burgess has continued to gain a strong online following and entertains subscribed fans with regular comedic videos on various platforms.

Life on the road in the early days of any comedian’s career can be filled with multiple uncertainties. This is often reinforced by many accomplished comedians on their own podcasts, testifying to the struggles of sleeping on sofas, lack of money and the dreaded prospect of bombing (failing to entertain the audience and get any laughs).

However, the landscape of comedy – as with many industries – is changing to new technologies and social media. Burgess spoke to Truthfal about how he plans to tackle the competition: