The plan for the proposed Penvose student village in Penryn comes back to Cornwall Council this Thursday.

The student village, which would sit between Treluswell and Trelevier roundabouts, was first proposed in 2016 with the first visuals being unveiled in 2017.

Image of the road and roundabout next to the proposed area of construction.


It is estimated £170 million will be spent on the scheme hoping to provide 2,000 bed spaces, a park-and-ride, student parking, a budget hotel, restaurants, retail businesses, a doctor’s surgery and day nursery and also a variety of sports and leisure facilities.

An artist’s drawing of the Penvose student village.


According to the Cornwall Council planning page for this project, 139 comments were received, only 19 of which were objecting. Speaking to locals in Penryn, a similar attitude was expressed.

A sales woman at Tanya’s Courage Trust charity shop believed the project would be a “very good idea, as long as it stays contained within the area.” Her main concern was the impact it may have on parking within Penryn.

A Penryn local added: “I enjoy having students in Penryn and this will be good for the students to be near the university and the train station.”

The owner of the local Stargazy Café in Penryn expressed a positive attitude towards the project, believing it would benefit Falmouth and Penryn locals as well as the University students.

Conrwall Council voted in last March to increase the student cap of Falmouth University and the University of Exeter from 5,000 to 7,500 students by 2022.

With the increase of students, this accommodation would help to relieve pressure on local housing.

Additionally, the project would provide an estimated 650 jobs, including 190 during the construction period which would be built over 15 years in 3 separate phases.

380 direct full-time equivalent jobs and another 80 indirect full-time equivalent ones would also be available after construction has finished.

The meeting will take place at 10am on Friday and will be available to view online at


Video feature: Interview with the owner of Starglazy Café in Penryn