Pearl Pearce-Smith

Why are there so many female students on campus?

60% of students on the Falmouth and Penryn Campuses are women. Why is this and what is being done to represent men on the campuses? Read more

The F Word: “Why has my boss always been a man?”

Mackinlay Ingham, and Mája Ditrtová are taking on gender inequality in the creative industries head on with, The F Word. With their music event they hope to address gender inequality and kill it. Read more

International Women’s Week: An evening of female empowerment

Women across the world celebrated International Women's Day on Wednesday, FXU have decided to extend the event all week and Pearl Pearce-Smith went along to one of the events on female empowerment. Read more

Wanted: Your stories of awful road markings in Falmouth

Have you ever been hit by an unfair parking ticket in Falmouth because of the worn away road markings? You’re not alone. Let us know if you've had a bad experience with the road markings in Falmouth. Read more

Will’s tribute to a lesser known Cornish folk legend

Pearl Pearce-Smith speaks to Falmouth's, Will Keating who is working with legendary Cornish folk singer, Harry Glasson to produce a project in tribute to Harry's lifetime of work Read more