Natasha Gallimore

Poly rolls out the red carpet for Wild Film Fest 2018

The Poly plays host to this year's Wild Film Fest - showcasing the UK's best student wildlife photography and films. Truthfal gives you exclusive access to a night at the awards Read more

Truro homelessness charity raises £1000 in silent auction

St Petroc's raised funds by selling artwork created by clients at their Truro and Penzance art groups Read more

Battling endometriosis: “You’re deemed as weak”

Did you know it takes women in the UK up to seven and a half years to be diagnosed with endometriosis? Truthfal speaks to women who battle condition everyday and their long journey to diagnosis Read more

Falmouth creative agency takes MAYN stage at Guardian awards

MAYN creative agency within Falmouth University takes home Guardian University award for Employability and Entrepreneurship Read more

Homelessness charity exhibits creations by clients

St Petroc's have showcased work produced by clients who attend their weekly art sessions Read more

When Harry met Meghan: Falmouth reacts to Royal engagement

The Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was announced this week, Willaim Gavin finds out how the public reacted to hearing the news. Read more

The ‘folkelig’ royal wedding – a Norwegian perspective

From King Harald V to our Prince Harry - Truthfal's Else Welde compares the British Royal family to her Norwegian monarchy. Read more

Out on the town – Is it safe on a night out in Falmouth?

Natasha Gallimore gives her take on the growing unease for the town's night owls. Read more

Students welcome! Is Helston the new place to live off campus?

Councillor Michael Thomas has suggested that Helston is made the next location to build student accommodation. Truthfal finds out what Helston locals and students have to say. Read more

Why beach cleaning is more important now than ever

The reasoning behind why marine littering is a bigger issue than we thought Read more

Is facial recognition the future for our bus services?

'You could get on the bus or a train and you don’t need a ticket because your face is the ticket.' Natasha Gallimore steps into the possible future Read more

Local school head puts brave face on budget cuts

Natasha Gallimore interviews Craig Martin, Head Teacher at Redruth School, about the recent education's budget cuts Read more