Max Carey

Ryan Riley: “Surfing to me is just a lifestyle now”

TruthFal's Max Carey sits down with Ryan Riley, surfer and adventurer, to talk about how he got into surfing, his recent adventures and the Cornish surf scene. Read more

Lou Tonkin: The nature inspired Cornish print-maker

TruthFal's Max Carey visits local artist and print-maker Lou Tonkin to talk about how she got into print-making, her inspiration, social media and future plans. Read more

Catching up with Milo Gore: Touring, music and inspiration

TruthFal's Max Carey caught up with local artist Milo Gore and his lead guitarist Kieran Clark to discuss their latest tour, new EP and much more. Read more

Creative Corner Conversations: Exhibitions, gigs and events

Truthfal's Max Carey caught up with some of our town's local creatives, to find out about whats been going on in Falifornia and what exciting projects they have in the Read more

Falmouth’s DIY Culture: Fuelled by creativity and community

TruthFal's Max Carey offers an insight into the DIY events culture here in Falmouth and finds out the benefits and challenges of self-generated happenings Read more

Mind Garden’s Hip-hop Comedy Shop

Truthfal's Max Carey went down to Jago's bar, Falmouth to report of the first ever hip-hop comedy night, a collaborative event put on by a group of brands from the local area. Read more

3BE – A collective fueled by creativity

Truthfal's, Max Carey, speaks the 3BE collective's co-founder, Jake DeBuriatte, to find out why this collaboration was formed and how they use it as a platform to express their creativity. Read more

“I live and breathe surfing, it’s a lifestyle”

Truthfal's, Max Carey, speaks to Cornish surfer, Louis Campbell, to discuss his move away from competitive surfing and what the sport means to him. Read more

Quarter-life crisis- Is our education system setting us up for failure?

Truthfal's Max Carey discusses whether our education system is outdated and if the current system is preparing students for the real world or failure. Read more

Caring for Cornwall – How has the NHS helped you?

Megg Hill speaks to people about the good that the NHS has done for them and where they think they would be if they didn't have free health care. Read more

Expression through depression – music therapy with Milo Gore

Local musician Milo Gore explains what life is like for young, independent artists. Read more

A week of shutouts and zeros: NFL Week 7 Roundup

Truthfal's Max Carey rounds up this weeks NFL matchups, a week jam packed with surprises and stand out performances. Read more