Madeleine Smith

Truthfal live at the Maritime Museum

Follow our live updates throughout the day at the National Maritime Museum. Read more

Are the foods and drinks you love killing you slowly?

After research was published saying an extra glass of wine a day can shorten your life Chris Jones, Alex Hughes, Phoebe Eckersley and Maddie Smith look into what other foods and drinks can kill you. Read more

How has Twitter reacted to the new F1 season?

The new era of Formula 1 has begun. It features Halos, new graphics and surprisingly bad haircuts. Truthfal is here to bring you the best tweets so far this season. Read more

What’s it like filming at the official Aston Martin testing?

Maddie Smith talks about the excitement, privilege and woes of flying out to Portugal to film at the Aston Martin Vantage testing weekend with Team BRIT as part of her documentary. Read more

The science behind the #Snowmaggedon and Storm Emma anomaly

Maddie Smith interviews meteorologist Dan Holley and asks why Cornwall has been so badly affected by Storm Emma. Read more

Underwater photographer and her battle against plastic pollution

Cherie Bridges is a 20-year-old Marine and Natural History Photography student who is forging her way in the industry. Maddie Smith sits down with her to see what it's like to be 'Doing it for Real'. Read more

Train fares set to rise by 3.4%

With train fares rising from January how will Falmouth residents be affected? Truthfal’s Maddie Smith looks into the issue. Read more

Name your favourite Christmas present!

What's the best Christmas present you've ever been given? Maddie and Chris went into town to find out what the best gift the residents of Falmouth have ever received. Read more

Talking Shit – The Randomly Generated Podcast

The Talking Shit team are back and there's no shutting them up. On the agenda this week: Horrible words, the soundtrack to their lives and reminiscing about childhood games. Read more

The new spirit of Christmas – is it all about the ads?

Maddie Smith and Jack Warrick's take on getting into the Christmas spirit via the ads on the telly.  Read more

Harry Styles: Fans, camping, queuing and fainting. Is it a sign of the times?

Maddie Smith takes a trip to London to see her beloved Harry Styles. But does it all go to plan? Read more

Talking Shit – A randomly generated podcast

Maddie, Jack, Will and Chris use a random question generator to come up with topics they can talk shit about. Today, they’re discussing toilets made of gold. Read more