Lexi Goodland

Togs and Tunes: a festival themed fashion show

Truthfal's Lexi Goodland attends the Togs and Tunes event; a festival themed fashion show run by five Creative Events Management students at the Poly in Falmouth town. Read more
swans at swanpool - falmouth

Swanpool Lake’s new swan couple have eggs stolen and smashed

Truthfal's Lexi Goodland investigates the recent Swanpool swan egg tragedy. Read more

Never Have I Ever: Twin Edition

Lexi Goodland is joined by her twin sister Danielle to play the famous game 'Never Have I Ever' with a twin twist. Read more

Another snow day is no winter wonderland for some students

As we wake up to find Falmouth blanketed in snow, Truthfal's Lexi Goodland speak to students about how they feel. Read more

Over the moon: Cornish pole vaulter Caudery heads to Gold Coast

Olivia Churchill meets with 17-year-old pole vaulter, Molly Caudery; the youngest person to ever compete in the Commonwealth Games. Read more

Penryn Locals’ Positive Attitudes to Penvose Student Village

With the possibility of a new student village on the horizon, Truthfal's Lexi Goodland took to Penryn to seek out the local residences opinion. Read more

‘It makes me feel happy’: In the studio with dancer Tia

Falmouth student Tia Hurman tells Lexi Goodland about the love affair with dancing that has led her to study it for her degree - and her plans for the future. Read more