Leah Marshall

A film on global warming: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Film has the power to captivate large audiences and really make a difference, so why is't this platform utilized more often to convey serious issues in society? Read more

Want to get more involved with nature? Help the bees!

Looking for something to do in the garden this spring? Leah Marshall spoke to the student's who are creating bee hotels to help the bees. Read more

Little boat, big story: the Titanic exhibition at the Maritime

The Titanic Stories Exhibit is being held at the Falmouth Maritime Museum. Leah Marshall interviewed two key people involoved, Richard Doughty (the curator) and Dan Arnold the artist. Read more

Brexitannia sparks an insightful conversation about Brexit

What does Brexit even mean? The first film ever made about Brexit led to a thought-provoking conversation from the audience, Leah Marshall went to check it out. Read more

An exciting exhibition: stories behind the Faces of Falmouth

An exciting exhibition inspired by the 'People of New York' is being held at The Stable this week, Leah Marshall speaks to the photographer behind the project. Read more

Improve yourself: The Workshops Festival returns in May

If you are a Falmouth student and fancy a go at underwater photography, welding or programming, you can try it at the spring Workshops Festival, running from May 8 to June 1 Read more

Right Now: The film festival that packs a punch

Truthfal's Leah Marshall previews a film festival coming to Falmouth this month that exposes the power structures and inequalities in today's world. Read more

What life is like studying at university with chronic illness

What if you were ill all the time? A look into the lives of students suffering with Crohn's and diabetes alongside their studies. Read more

How safe do students feel here in Falmouth?

Truthfal explores how safe students feel here in Falmouth, speaking to those who have had some bad experiences on a night out. Read more

What lies ahead for students looking for employment after university?

Truthfal's Leah Marshall spoke to previous Falmouth student Tom Heathfield about employment after university, and the struggles he had with finding a suitable job after leaving. Read more

Addicted to shopping: The student who can’t stop buying

Truthfal speaks to a Falmouth student - who wishes to be anonymous - about a shopping addiction which has had a significant impact on her work and mental health.   Read more

Film students tackle social care issues in their latest film

An interview with student film makers on their latest film project Read more