Else Welde

Blind man set to walk 1000 miles for eye research

The end-to-end walk from Land's End to John O'Groats is a popular journey, however, Julian Jackson has one minor challenge that most people don't: he's blind. Read more

Marine litter: are we wasting away our planet’s future?

More than eight million pieces of plastic ends up in our oceans every day and it's threatening our wildlife. Are we doing enough to turn the trend around? Read more

Princess Pavilion with £15k refurb and award-winning chef

With Princess Pavilion just about to undergo a £15k refurbishment, Truthfal met with newly appointed manager Mo Gutale and award-winning chef Dave Waplington to discuss the future of the beloved venue Read more

Aboard the proud Falmouth vessel taking veterans out to sea

We board the majestic 'Spirit of Falmouth', a ship designed to take veterans out to sea to help cope after-effects of being in a hostile environment. Read more

MDMA promises love but delivers tragedy for Haakon, 21

The number of drug-related deaths due to MDMA/ecstasy is on an all-time high. Truthful spoke with a mother who will never see her son again and now warns of the dangers with the popular drug. Read more

Farmer fund of £10 million ‘on track’ but is not enough

Truthfal's Else Welde reports on a new initiative between the Government and local farmers to help ensure farmers thrive alongside bigger businesses in the food chain. Read more

Double council tax on empty homes

Chancellor Philip Hammond has passed a new legislation where councils now can impose double Council Tax on properties that has been left abandoned for more than 2 years. Read more

A very Zimbabwean coup – Waiting for news from a troubled home

Truthfal's Else Welde gets a Cornish perspective on the developing unsettlement in Zimbabwe. Read more

Roughing it – Sleeping out at the Eden Project

Truthfal's Else Welde and Chloe Sweet spent the night sleeping outside at the annual Eden Project sleep out. Read more

Jumping through open spaces – Parkour comes to Cornwall

Truthfal meets Amid Ojubanire, an animation student at Falmouth University, who has been practising parkour for 6 years Read more

Tourette’s syndrome – It’s not about the swearing

How is living with tourette's syndrome? Emily Carter shares her experience in the fight for raising awareness. Read more

#MeToo – Using social media to create a difference

Journalist Sarah Croft's opinion piece on the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal which has exploded onto social media in the form of the #metoo campaign. Read more