Alex Hughes

Exeter Masters Student Raises Awareness About Myanmar Crisis

An Exeter MA and a third year student are holding events to help raise awareness for the Myanmar crisis which is deeply affecting the Rohingya people. Read more

Flying back to Uni: The student who cycled 530 miles for charity

Ben Porter, an Exeter Penryn student made a 530 mile cycle ride from Wales to Lands End raising money for the Curlew species of bird. Read more

Beach Cinema: A shore way to enjoy your evening

How should Earth Hour be celebrated? A beach cinema seems perfect. Read more

A top 10 university: What makes Falmouth so good?

Times higher education survey ranked Falmouth University as the 6th best university for student satisfaction. Read more

Something to shout about – A Saint Piran’s day celebration

Trewlany Shout - The Cornish charity event of St Piran's day. Read more
Student numbers to increase: Your views?

Student numbers to increase: Your views?

We asked for your views on campus Falmouth University cap has been lifted to allow for 7500 students Read more

PODCAST: Branding Cornwall – How to get into marketing

Podcast with Claire Vickers of Cornish Food Store on how to succeed in the world of PR and marketing in Cornwall. Read more