The sun is setting on another #truthfal Newsday, but who has conquered- TV or Radio? The final votes are being counted on our @truthfal Instagram poll. Find out at 3:30pm!

Article by @sam_blackwood99 on the Tory pledge to bid for the 2030 World Cup

"Boxing to me means feeling strong and empowered- I'm excited, nervous and proud of myself" -Ivy Haddon-Silver spoke to Lyndzay, a female amateur boxer, before taking part in the 'Golden Gloves' event. Article to follow on #truthfal shortly! #goldengloves

Newquay's spaceport project got an additional £10m in funding from Cornwall council last tuesday, but was met with reluctance from Extinction Rebellion groups. The only question remaining is, Is this a good use of money?

Find out more this afternoon with Pierre. #truthfal


An absolutely MONUMENTAL week for our political reporters Kira Taylor and Ellen O'Rourke here at #truthfal, managing to catch #BorisJohnson, #JeremyCorbyn and #JoSwinson showcasing their manifestos. Catch the full report at 3:30pm at

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