since the outbreak of the pandemic knows as the coronavirus people all over Cornwall have been sent into lockdown to help stop this terrible and terrifying virus, this has given nature the first chance to strike back and take its land back by consuming all of the man made things lying around the fields and woods like cars rubbish. With this sudden lockdown resulting in less people being out the animals have been able to come out more and more and take more of the land to help populate their species. This rapid change in nature and animals becoming more and more in our countryside has made man retaliate and confront nature by doing horrible acts like throwing waste in the woods and planting toxins so that the animals like rabbits and foxes can not grow in greater numbers.

in this photoessay I have been exploring the Cornish countryside to see if nature has been flourishing since the lockdown as we have been made to stay in doors or are we still going to the woods and fields and damaging our beautiful countryside as we can’t be bothered to recycle or correctly dispose of our waste.

Nature starts to claim its home by destroying and engulfing all of the deserted buildings left by Man since lockdown  

At the start of lockdown when everyone was listening and taking it seriously nature had no resistance and started to claim parts of woods where old buildings have been to store things for the rich, but since lockdown these items have been removed and nobody now goes in or out giving nature the first chance to strike back at man.


First couple of weeks has been peaceful quite with nature being unprovoked. 

The countryside as been quite with just farmers roaming the fields and woods going about their everyday life’s, only the ew walkers doing their hour exercise have been walking about taking in the public footpaths beauty with all its new life as animals have are beginning to be born and fill up the quite atmosphere with running. Instead of the busy sound of cars flying through the back country lanes you can now hear what feels like hundreds of birds chirping and flying around looking for places to make nest so that they can give birth to their young.

A car getting eaten up by the leaves and becoming homes to all kind of creatures. 

Here is a photo of a car that has been left by man to rust and fall apart, and with this act this car is now apart of the scenery and character of the walks many people do for their exercise. what was once a vehicle for family’s to go to and from places and visit locations or to see families and friends is now a home for family’s like birds, mice and squirrels to live and raise their young during spring and summer.

Their is always a way to thank the NHS for their hard work.    

To intertwine and engroove man and nature you can see markings and drawings all over the woods and on stones and tress thanking the NHS for what their doing for people suffering during this time. Things like this is wonderful as it shows support to the NHS and other key workers but also will not be on the rocks and trees forever letting nature still carrying on without any markings on it.


Not everyone is thoughtful, some still result into going back into their lazy state. 

during the lockdown their is clear signs of nature coming back alive and becoming more healthy again, but yet their are still people who don’t care about it and think about themselves and what’s best for them during these times. their are still some people looking to think how they can get rid of things quickly and their no better place than the quite countryside where no one is around to see what they are doing.

Man strikes back, are animals still at risk?

The more weeks that go by the more people become inpatient and think that them staying inside for this long makes them deserve a reward so go out to meet friends and litter and waste and effect not only other people by going out for so long but the animals that are trying to live with more freedom as mankind is not around to keep them away from these beautiful places.

Are people becoming more lazy with leaving things around?

Are the public the more lazy now with leaving stuff lying around as nobody is going to complain or see it for a while. Or are we all becoming more awake to the effects of the planet and how we are miss treating it?

Rabbits one of the first casualty’s of this new world. 

With the sudden disappears of people animals like rabbits have begone to spread all over the countryside and have grown in numbers with no one to stop them. though this has nothing to do with man it is believed that their is now a rabbit flu that has started to kill all of the rabbits around the countryside but who knows what it is, is it man trying to not let the rabbits spread or is it a natural flu that has come like covid-19 and has started to kill of the rabbits.