This Sunday, mothers all around the country will be celebrated and showered with gifts and treats, but shouldn’t we celebrate our mother’s on a daily basis rather than showcasing our appreciation on one specific day of the year?  

With the earliest version of Mothering Sunday originating in ancient Greece, celebrations were held to honour the mothering goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Fast forward a thousand years and the Christians had transformed this occasion into a festival, which fell on the 4th Sunday in Lent and quickly became a time where those with faith would return to their ‘mother church’ for a special ceremony. After a few hundred years this tradition became transformed once again in order to be accepted by the non-religious as children would present gifts as a form of appreciation.

Nowadays, we have somehow modernised it to the point of gaining profit, as this tradition has become increasingly commercialised through the appearances of adverts and offers, which appear at least a month in advance. This is somewhat the same in other cultures, as gifts include buying flowers, baking cakes and going out for meals. Essentially this day does not only mean celebrating our mother’s but also requires spending a lot of money in some way. 

The flower industry in the UK alone receives a substantial rise in orders, and for many florists, the lead up to Mother’s Day can be the busiest time of year. “It is an exhausting time for us but it is a joy and a privilege to bring happiness to many local mothers”, states Karen,  from The Flower Studio, based in Falmouth. 

Bouquets ready for delivery. Photograph downloaded from


“Sending beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day is as popular as ever and it is heartwarming to read all the messages of love and appreciation which accompany the bouquets”, says Lyn, a florist based at Poppies of Falmouth. 

Regardless of it being focused around money these days, not celebrating it in some way can make you feel quite guilty. Personally, a day out creates far more memories which you can treasure for longer. For this reason, why not take a tour around some of Cornwall’s seaside towns? There are many picturesque locations to go to such as St Ives, or Padstow. 

St. Michael’s Mount in Marazion. Photograph downloaded from

If your mum is a fan of the Poldark series, then why not take her to the filming locations as the Crown mines are definitely an unforgettable sight. Cornwall is overflowing with historical locations so taking a stroll is a lovely idea, and if you don’t mind dipping into your wallet then why not follow this with a delicious Sunday lunch? No need to stress, you’re spoilt for choice.