Falmouth organisation Cool Earth will be hosting Tony Juniper CBE at The Poly Falmouth tonight, spreading the message of tropical forest conservation.

Juniper, who was raised in Oxford, has spent over 30 years in the industry, working towards creating and encouraging a more sustainable society in the UK and internationally. His work ranges from advocating for change in recycling laws, working with and educating school children on conservation projects, and taking part in international campaigns for action on climate change. 

Juniper has participated heavily in many impactful environmental organisations such as Friends of the Earth and Prince’s Rainforest project, founded by Prince Charles. In 2017, WWF appointed Juniper as their Executive Director for Advocacy and campaigns, where he will “help build on WWF’s Successes in conserving the world’s wildlife, rivers, forests, atmosphere and oceans.” (wwf.org.uk)

Just last year Juniper published the book ‘Rainforest: Dispatches from Earth’s most vital Frontlines’, exploring the significance of rainforests, how they effect the earths temperature and weather, what they provide to animals and plants, and as a source of many key medicines. The human activity that has led to mass deforestation and climate change is discussed, as Juniper provides an in-depth, honest narration of the issues, using a voice of first-hand knowledge. 

Junipers extensive work on all things conservation and sustainability make him the ideal fit for Cool Earth’s event. 

A local community in Ashánika, Peru that Cool Earth are working with

The Penryn based charity organisation works with rainforest communities, aiming to halt deforestation and climate change. Cool Earth have started up partnerships all over the world in their mission to protect Earth’s rainforests, and their current projects take place in two locations in Peru, Asháninka and Awajún, in DR Congo and Papua New Guinea. Juniper will be in conversation with the Director of the charity organisation, Matthew Owen. 

The event will start at 19:30 and will run through to 21:00 at The Poly in Falmouth.