Had you been dreading Valentine’s Day once again? Because I highly doubt that I was the only one hoping that somehow this date would magically disappear from the calendar. 

For those who had loving partners to go home to and spend the day being cute and adorable, then congratulations. However, this was not the reality for many people, and even though we tried to feel like we didn’t have a spotlight on us during this holiday, it was still rather difficult to say “I haven’t got any plans” when someone kindly curiously asked you how you were planning to spend it. Some of us may have been honest and not cared about our answers, whilst others may have felt slightly overwhelmed. 

Somewhat designed to be a slap-in-the-face, there is a day specifically designed for us singletons: Singles Awareness Day, which is, unsurprisingly, today! One day after the delight that was February 14th.

An anonymous shopper wandering on the streets of Falmouth stated how he believes that there is less pressure nowadays for those without partners, considering that “they have ‘singletons day’ the day after”, and that “years ago there was definitely more pressure to find someone to spend it with” than there is now.

To this day, I still struggle to understand why society makes it seem wrong to spend Valentine’s without a partner, resulting in so many people feeling anxious as the day draws nearer. Maybe it comes down to money, considering the statistics from 2017 which pointed out that, in Britain alone, approximately £1.5 billion was spent on Valentine’s Day. 

Hailey, a Falmouth local, explained how she believes that “Valentine’s Day is overrated. To most peoples, it’s just a normal day so I don’t know why it’s exaggerated so much.

“I’ve been with my partner for three years and to us, it’s just another regular day. I think it creates pressure for single people”, she continued to say.  

It truly does seem to be evolving into an exaggerated, commercialised madness as the years pass by. A survey done by Harvest Digital announced that 81% of consumers feel Valentine’s is too commercialised nowadays, whilst 52% of consumers consider Valentine’s day to be a complete waste of money.

As the 14th got closer and closer, the number of unsettling memes and articles with patronising titles, such as ‘how to survive’, that started flooding the internet got annoying and sadly made it sound like we are struggling with ourselves just because we haven’t got a significant other to share it with. 

Well, this year we say no to the judgements, and goodbye to the sympathetic looks, because the reality is that there were probably more people choosing to spend it by themselves or with friends and family. Instead, we’re going to simply look at all the fun things we can do to have an amazing time this weekend, and make it a celebration in itself, either with your own sweet company or with friends.

There are several ways to enjoy this holiday: choose to celebrate your friends and enjoy some quality time together, go to St. Michael’s Spa and indulge in the affordable offers they have which will satisfy all your senses, take a stroll along the beach and enjoy a hot drink at Gyllyngvase café, treat yourself to a heavenly dining experience at Cribbs, Hooked on the Rocks or wherever you fancy, and sit back and enjoy a movie at the cinema or the latest series on Netflix. Take your pick — you’re spoilt for choice.