Clique on Kenwyn Street, Truro


Clique opened its doors to the public in May 2017 and has been described as exciting, unique and thought-provoking.

Since then, the business has seen incredible success, such as being featured in Built magazine, one of the best custom motorcycle publications on the market. 

The multifaceted business houses custom motorcycles, a traditional barbershop, and a range of premium lifestyle and technical riding apparel. 

The business, owned by Tom Upsher and Andrew Lough, is situated in the centre of Truro, on Kenwyn Street, ready to give a warm welcome to anyone entering the building.

The unique idea behind the business started when both Tom and Andrew decided that their “ultimate plan was to bring Clique Customs into a physical sense. Initially, the business was online only”. 

“I believe the difference with Clique is that it’s not just one thing. It’s not a clothes store, it’s not a custom motorcycle dealership nor is it a barbershop. It’s all of them combined. As part of that, we always wanted to include a variety of different elements”, says Tom. This quirky combination allows the business to draw in constant attention. “Our branding is so simple and that’s what people love about it; we can use it across everything we do”, he continued.

The business has a traditional barbershop as one of its services

Throughout the last 3 years, Upsher and Lough have learned that owning a physical business was harder than originally planned. Andrew explained how “there were a lot of challenges regarding the lack of knowledge of making it happen”. He said, “we didn’t understand what it meant to own a physical business; all the different processes, the material costs, etc”. 

The owners are constantly involved in showcasing Clique at events. They set up a stall at Truro’s Tesco Supermarket on Black Friday to offer shoppers a sampling of their barber cuts, free of charge. Their involvement in events prove the passion and commitment they have for their business, and it comes as no surprise the amazing results they have quickly obtained since focusing on the brand. 

Clique have many sponsors that they include in every style and decor in shop. The sponsorship is equally reciprocated as they proudly promote Uppercut Deluxe, Mariners Jack and Dickies products. With every brand stocked at Clique, it’s the brand ethos they want to engage with, what they stand for and the dedication to their craft.  

Premium clothing and custom motorcycles can be found in the shop

With the main colour choices of black and white, Clique is a gender-neutral company. The three words highlighted by Mr Lough was, “cuts, bikes and fashion”. The triple threat of a ‘RAD’ business. 

In a few words of wisdom, they shared their advice to have a business succeed: “we always say to everyone, and it sounds almost cliche to say so, but it’s all about the amount of effort and works you want to put into it. 

“There’s no point in doing it if you’re not passionate about the idea. If you go into it with money at the front of your mind, it will never work because people can see right through you. They need to see the passion from you, and if they don’t, it will never work. The business structures your life, your life doesn’t structure the business.

You can find out more about Clique by going on to their website. Check out their Instagram, @cliquecustoms