Film Lecturer Mark Douglas who organised the event.

The Archives Film Night: Railways took place at the National Maritime Museum on the 18th of April as part of the ‘Britain on Film on Tour’ film series. All of them being organised and introduced by Mark Douglas who is the senior lecturer at the film department of Falmouth University. The event included an introduction speech by Mr Douglas and then a screening of old films to do with trains from 1899 to 1968. It was very interesting to watch and I enjoyed seeing those vintage films and the development of the railway.

The National Maritime Museum in Falmouth where the was screening aired.

Next, the ‘Britain on Film on Tour’ film series will be doing another event on the 20th of June which is about Coast and Sea. After that there are two more events called Black Britain on Film (17th of October) and Rural Life (14th of November). All of these screenings take place at the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth and will be introduced by Mark Douglas.