Lou Tonkin

Local artist and print-maker Lou Tonkin has been creating elegant prints and artwork for over 13 years and has been gaining recognition for her work ever since.

From craft fairs to social media, Lou has been making a name for herself and her work, gaining over 11,000 followers on her Facebook and Instagram page as well as being commissioned  to design the front cover of the Isles of Scilly Year of Culture.

Studying nature and the change of season is what has inspired Lou’s creative direction and is something that drives her to carry on doing what she is doing today.

“I don’t spend too much time looking at other people’s work, that’s not the thing that inspires me,” explained Lou.  “The thing that inspires me to work is going out, it’s being outside, and standing by a stretch of water. That’s the thing that fills me with excitement to the point I want to go home and record it.

Lou Tonkin’s hand printed T-towels

“My favourite time of day is very much first thing in the morning, it’s quiet, you can hear birds, there’s subtle changes, there’s no cars going past. It feels like the excitement of a new day every day.”

Lou is getting ready to move back to working from her shed, which she says will give her more space and freedom to work, and allow her to finally try hand printing on wallpaper, something she has always dreamed of doing.

You can see Lou’s work via her Instagram page @loutonkin and on her Facebook page and all prints can be bought through her Etsy site and Shopify store.

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