Trying to manage your finances at university is a problem that just about every student faces. But what if you also had to manage the finances of an entire business. That is something George Bewley, a business student at Falmouth University has to deal with.

The BA business entrepreneurship degree at Falmouth emphasises the importance of building your own business and helps students to nurture their businesses from start to finish.

For George that business involves making personalised merchandise for events.

George at graduation

He said: “Our story began in early 2015 when I attended a graduation event and noticed that there was very little personalisation to the event and there was no high-quality champagne.

“From having a little knowledge on vineyards, I called Camel Valley on the North coast of Cornwall and started to negotiate a deal with them to create a co-label project.”


George’s logo

George now supplies personalised champagne to estate agents, graduation ceremonies and several other businesses and events. He is planning on expanding to further points in the country and opening up to other merchandise such as other alcohols and foods.

George is not the only business student who has set up a successful business. Kai Hardekopf said:

“I run a business called Campus Collect which is a removal business for students. We store their stuff for them when they’re in between houses. I’m planning on running it all the way through the summer.”

This idea of entrepreneurship is one that is shared across the university. Falmouth prides itself on its self-employability and drive that the students have to establish their own businesses.

27% of Falmouth students start their own business upon graduating, whether this be as a freelance creator or one similar to George’s where they sell products.

Falmouth employability statistic

One recent example of the university’s entrepreneurship activity is the recent award that Press and Editorial Photography picked up at the Guardian awards 2018.

They won the award for their in-house photo agency where students can sell their work and companies can hire their expertise.

Since MAYN Creative began operation in Dec 2016 the university has facilitated 286 professional assignments for 62 unique students. Collectively the students have earned £14,347 from paid client briefs.