In this podcast, Truthfal reporter Morgan Lloyd talks to the organisers of the B-Side Collective, a student led incentive that has the express aim of publicising various forms of student’s work, for everyone to see.

They will be hosting an all-day Art’s Festival on Saturday 28th April, with three distinct chapters offering a variety of things to do and see throughout the day.

Keanu Knighton, one of the festival organisers, explains the reasoning behind the name: “It was a play on the B-side of a vinyl… because it’s always the music that doesn’t make the main album cut, so that was our little play on words. By working with artists that haven’t made the main cut.”




With the abundance of creativity and artistic talent surrounding Falmouth, it can be a difficult environment to get your work seen and your voice heard. The opportunity to showcase what you have done is often restricted to peers and lecturers.

Many locations over Falmouth are playing host to the festival. Kicking off with four separate exhibitions in four separate houses, then transitioning through to a beer and music event at the Hands bar, and winding down with a Disco, funk and techno night at Five’s Below.

It has been confirmed in light of today’s bad weather that the festival will get the go-ahead regardless of the conditions. Shelter will be provided at the locations that would be seemingly problematic. Go to the B-side Facebook page to book tickets: