A Cornish father and son duo in recovery from a personal tragedy have come together to continue a family tradition, purchasing a joinery business in Camborne.

Martin True purchased the business on the Dolcoath Industrial Park, Camborne, to carry on the legacy of his late father Bernard, alongside his son Joe. It has since been renamed the True Joinery.

“My father was a fantastic joiner. He had a really good reputation in the county,” said Martin.

“It sort of skipped a generation with me because I was never very good with wood, but my son… he is a very, very good joiner. While he’s still very young, his skills are extraordinary,” he added.

The True Joinery in Camborne.

In 2017, however, the True family was struck with tragedy. Joe’s brother, Ben, had taken his own life. With the loss of Ben a clear missing piece in the company, Joe, Martin and Joe’s apprentice sister have continued their venture with him in memory. They produce windows and doors, as well as some more unusual items – Joe’s specialty area. He and his father also work towards raising awareness of mental health and suicide issues in young men.

Joe himself has just finished crafting a canopy for a family owned steam roller, receiving multiple orders for similar items from around the country.

“It’s nice to know that people like the look of it,” said Joe, speaking about his steam roller canopy.

“We went up to Leicester not long ago to measure up one, and another friend of ours which is even further up in Yorkshire… he wants one as well.”

Joe also explained what keeps him going. “When you see the product and give it to the customer… when they’ve seen the quality, that’s the best bit,” he said.

He also highlighted his aspirations for his company the direction he hopes to move in, “I hope to grow the business and employ a couple more people.

Joe’s beautiful, hand-crafted canopy roof before it becomes part of a classic steam roller.


The finish product.


“I also want to diversify into more site work as well, so renovations of houses and things like that. Hopefully we’ll get a bit bigger and go from there,” he said.

Joe hopes to debut his newly renovated steam roller at the end of the month at one of Cornwall’s biggest events.

“We’re not going to take it out until Camborne Trevithick Day. We’ve got a few finishing touches to do to the canopy and it will be on display for everyone to see,” said Martin.