Truro-based charity for homelessness, St Petroc’s, hosted an exhibition to showcase client’s paintings and drawings.

The exhibition has toured around the county, starting at Truro Cathedral in October last year and has been shown in Newquay, St Austell, the Eden Project, Penzance, Bodmin, Saltash and Falmouth.

Jessica Hodges, society administrator for St Petroc’s, said that the exhibition is about “raising awareness and connecting the people who aren’t aware of the scale of the problem in Cornwall.”

She added: “The thing that was most important was giving our clients a voice and actually kind of showing them in a way that’s not stereotypical or kind of expected and just to highlight that actually every single person who’s on that street is a son or daughter or mother, father, brother, sister – you know? Every single homeless person has a story.”

Hodges, who has been involved in the campaign from the start, said that the charity has been “overwhelmed” with the support from the public.

“Some people feel quite powerless like homelessness is an issue and that it’s not necessarily in Cornwall or they don’t know how to deal with it or help so actually it’s enabled us to reach new audiences and actually just talk to people.”

The work featured were made in the art group sessions hosted by St Petroc’s in Truro on Thursday afternoons and the Penzance Roaming group.

Nicki Parkyn, who has volunteered at the Truro art group for a year and a half, said that the clients “come in and lose themselves in their art and can relax.”

Due to the transiency of the people who attend the art groups, some painting are left without the names of the artists.

The exhibition included quotes by clients about the work and the groups. One said: “Roaming for me is a fantastic space I can come to, get creative and be inspired. It’s a great source of well-being. Thank you.”

The artwork will be auctioned at the Poly, Falmouth on April 27th. The money raised will go back to the clients whilst the money for those who remain anonymous will be held by the charity until it is claimed.

For more information on the auctioning of the artwork, visit the Poly website here.