People across Cornwall are being urged to take part in ’30 Days of Wildness,’ throughout the month of June.

The scheme, created by conservation charity Cornwall Wildlife Trust (CWT), aims to encourage the public to spend each day doing something wild, in order to feel happier and healthier.

“We want people to do something wild every day throughout the month. That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting random acts of wildness”, said Cornwall Wildlife Trust. “This June, take the challenge and do one wild thing every day.”

Anyone is encouraged to take part in the event, with 13,030 people already signed up. Cornwall Wildlife Trust are keen to promote this opportunity to a variety of organisations and businesses, with schools and workplaces across the county prompted to get involved.

Dom Higgins, who took part in the scheme last year, said on Twitter “I cannot recommend doing #30dayswild enough! A random act of wildness every day in June, and you’ll feel happier and healthier…or your money back. Sign up today.”

Upon signing up Cornwall Wildlife Trust will send you a free 30 Days Wild pack, which they hope will inspire and motivate the public to stay wild through the entirety of June. This pack will include a poster, wall chart and interactive booklet, along with stickers to help track progress throughout the month.

The CWT was founded as a charitable organisation in 1962, focusing solely on the county of Cornwall. They specialise in the conservation and preservation of local wildlife and habitats, and are responsible for over 50 Cornish nature reserves. The charity is based out of Allet near Truro, and is part of The Wildlife Trusts partnership of 47 wildlife trusts in the United Kingdom.