2017 was the biggest year for Sufers Against Sewage (SAS) beach cleans with just over 1,400 cleans and this year there is no slowing down. Today at Greenbank beach the SAS team came to clear up its shores and discovered everything from tires, to bottles and even the kitchen sink.

Truthfal spoke to the working boat sustainability manager Owen, who said: “We’re a very different beach compared to a lot of the other ones, but from the amount of rubbish in an hour it really needs attention and work.”

After the harsh conditions the Cornish coast endured this winter it means there has been a lot of waste wash up onto the shores, which has to be taken care of and given more awareness to.

Beach cleaning volunteer, Emma Cowley said: “We like to do our best for our beaches and the Surfers Against Sewage Campaign for the big spring beach clean is just so important and it is a fantastic cause.”

The team managed to find all sorts of surprising rubbish on the Greenbank shore including, tires, plastic bags, headlights, bits of plastic and even the kitchen sink. It is scary to think that items like this are floating in our ocean and causing harm to its inhabitants, which is why the SAS and other organisations are ensuring there is increased awareness of  people getting into beach cleans.


To find out how you can get involved in beach cleans or even organise your own beach clean visit the SAS website