The Cinematologist’s: Neil Fox and Dario Llinares lead the discussion


The people of Britain voted for Brexit almost two years ago, but we are all still unsure as to what this even means.

The Right Now Film Festival recently visited Falmouth with their documentary, Brexitannia, the first film ever made about Brexit.

The film’s director, Timothy George Kelly, objectively examines British Identity and Brexit with a series of interviews with everyday people and experts such as Noam Chomsky.

The Cinematologists, Neil Fox and Dario Llinares, led an insightful discussion about Brexit and the film at The Poly in Falmouth.

Audience members from Cornwall to Germany got involved to share their thoughts and personal experiences on Brexit, showing how it affected their lives; voicing their worries and frustrations.

When reflecting on Brexit, Neil Fox said: “It’s such a big question with so many layers and nuances and it came at a time where the ability to have a conversation in public, in the media is completely impossible.

“We now know we’re not going to get clarity, at least until the decision is made it’s going to be very unclear what lies ahead and I think that is where the fear comes from, and I think there is fear on both sides.

“We believe film is a space for politics, according to the marketing, the film seeks to look at it from both sides and have a conversation.

“So, the hope is that this is a conversation, not what you see on a day to day basis, where people say: ‘Your position is ridiculous and your position is ridiculous’. We can’t move forward with that”

Brexit is argued to be one of the biggest political moments of our lifetime, so if you’re interested in hearing what the people have to say, have a listen here: