A surfer enjoying a good run of recent waves at Praa Sands. Photo – Ellis Collins

It’s rare to look at a surf forecast and see a week of nearly perfect waves lined up. It’s even rarer when you live in Cornwall and those good forecasts stay the same and turn into actual days of surfing. However, this is exactly what’s happening this week including a day of pumping waves all day on Tuesday.

Early week surf forecast – Fistral Beach Newquay. Graphic courtesy of magicseaweed.com

Late week/weekend surf forecast – Fistral Beach Newquay. Graphic courtesy of magicseaweed.com

Surf forecaster Magicseaweed issued a swell alert for Tuesday so those lucky enough to not have work or a very understanding boss could prepare to go and enjoy some of this season’s best waves. The alert notified surfers that pretty solid conditions were set to roll into the shores of Cornwall and Ireland by Tuesday. However, the waves weren’t just good for Tuesday. Instead the unusually consistent conditions have led to lots of other opportunities over the past week to catch a decent wave or two over multiple days.

Surfers flocked to popular surf spots around Cornwall’s coast. As the home of British surfing, it’s no surprise that Newquay’s Fistral Beach played host to its fair share of surfers throughout the week. One surfer in the carpark, Harry, 24, told Truthfal: “It’s pretty good the conditions are decent for a few days. Me and the boys took the trip down from Brighton last weekend and it’s definitely paid off.”

Not all surfers were enjoying the conditions equally, as another surfer, Sophie, who was heading away from Fistral told Truthfal: “It’s a bit big and difficult out there for me, I’m going to try Towan where it’s a bit more sheltered. If not tomorrow seems a bit more manageable”.

The recent conditions are being generated by a prolific low pressure system in the North Atlantic, a few hundred miles west of Ireland. The low is moving southeast and generating long-period swells (that are responsible for the waves) as it does so. What’s most unusual is usually when this happens the coasts of Cornwall and Ireland are battered by the strong winds that accompany the system making most surf spots unsurfable. However this time the waves are being groomed into perfectly rideable lines by light offshore winds at all of Cornwall’s popular north coast surf spots. There is even the opportunity to catch great waves on the south coast throughout most of the week thanks to the wind being light enough and occasionally northerly enough to not ruin the waves. 

The good conditions are continuing into the rest of the week thanks to another system that is developing in the Atlantic and moving northeast. This should see more medium-sized long-period swells accompanied by light offshore winds throughout the end of the week and over the weekend. With the sea and weather slowly but surely warming up, beaches will start to get busier and more people will enjoy the waves as we head back into summertime and fair-weather surfing.


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Truthfal’s Ellis Collins spent the week surfing, photographing and chatting to surfers at some of Cornwall’s popular surf spots. His photographs and encounters are featured below:

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Strong line at what I am told is a secret surf spot. Location- south Cornwall Photo: Ellis Collins