Falmouth University students have been the subject of a strongly worded letter from the “Falmouth Hates Students” groups in which, the group threatens to make Falmouth a ‘no go’ area for students.

The group, who remain anonymous, claim that they have attacked students’ cars and that the situation will soon ‘escalate.’

The letter reads as follows:

“No-one listens to the good people of Falmouth so now we are taking our own direct action. We have no option but to make Falmouth a no go area for students.”

The letter goes on to say: “Since the start of this year Falmouth Hates Students group (FHS) has been damaging student property, like cars, and will continue and escalate this activity to the extent that no families will want to send their young ones to Falmouth.

“We are going to make Falmouth a no-go zone for students. That will f*** the uni, the developers, the t**** at Bristol planning and all the ***** at Tremough good and proper.

“And we can have our lovely town back with just the original few decent students at the paint school at Wood Lane, which has always been an aset (sic).”

Truthfal can reveal that several students have confirmed that their cars have been vandalised.

Falmouth students have felt threatened by this so-called hate group

Masters student Ruan Kilroy who studies Evolutionary Biology told Truthfal, “I’ve had the wing mirror on the pavement side knocked off three times, the first time all other cars on the street had their wing mirror knocked off. The other two times it was just mine.

I wanted to sleep in my car one night so I could see who it was doing it, but I didn’t.”

Third year journalism student Ellis Collins also told Truthfal of his shock at his car being attacked, “My car was keyed down the side and the badge was taken off of it.

It’s really annoying not just because its upsetting but the cost of the repair is a problem, particularly as a student.”

Police have pleaded to those targeted that they should report any damage.

“The students that have had their vehicles damaged will need to call in separately to report Criminal Damage and they will be provided with a crime reference number.”