A woman from Cornwall has launched a girls’ swimwear line after her teenage daughter was unable to find a bikini on the high street which she didn’t feel exposed in.

Claire’s daughter pictured wearing Bodds swimwear, designed purposely to be comfortable and more appropriate for young women

Despite having no previous design experience, 40-year-old Claire Scipio, founder of Bodds Swimwear, created the brand in the hopes of being a part of a larger movement against the over-sexualisation of girls.

The eco-friendly two-piece, created from recycled plastic and ghost-gear, is designed to allow young women to feel comfortable and supported in a swimsuit while their bodies develop.

Claire hopes to be “central to a change” within the children’s swimwear industry, by designing swimwear which is modest and allows girls to be active in a bikini.

She said: “I’m not content with Bodds being a lovely little Cornish idea – I want to see it national, I want to see it international.”



Chloe Sweet speaks to Claire after the launch of her website to find out more.