The National Career Service (NCS) has been sending their Careers Coach all over the South West and today it touched down in Falmouth.

The bus was set up on the Moor and offered the public free advice, tutorials and leaflets on any careers questions they may have.

It has so far travelled to Bristol, Minehead, Exeter, Barnstable, Paignton, Plymouth and now finished in Falmouth.

Rachel Dale, the marketing manager for NCS explained to Truthfal: “We’ve been talking to people about all the careers opportunities in the local area. We’ve had employers come on board, training providers, helping with job applications and CV’s and finding apprenticeships.”

Alongside the bus was a tent set up by Pirate Radio. They supplied music, games, bean bags and general entertainment.

Rachel Yates, education and training facilitator for Pirate Radio said: “We’re here to support the work NCS is doing to help people get ready for work and work out what their next steps are so partnering up with them was an ideal situation really.”

Employment in the UK has always been an issue but with recent statistics showing that unemployment has dropped to 4.5%, the lowest since 1975 and the employment rate is the highest on record at 74.9% something must be going right.

One big contributor to the rise in employment rates is the number of schemes like the NCS bus which are helping aid the public with free advice and assistance on how to get a job.

Although the bus has now finished it’s journey the NCS holds events throughout the year and plan to do another Career Coach in the future.