Despite new initiatives from various restaurants and organisations around the county, the war against plastic rages on.

While over 150 businesses have joined Cornwall’s final straw campaign, there is still a push to prevent littering in beaches on a national scale.

The #2minutebeachclean campaign aims to do just this. Its goal is to get the public involved in beach which take just two minutes of their time. Some restaurants have even offered customers who fill up a bucket of waste rewards – in the case of The Stable, a Fistral Beach restaurant, fill up the big yellow bucket and get a free hot drink.

Dan, General Manager at The Stable on Fistral Beach, wholly supports the campaign. He told Truthfal: “It is what it says; people take two minutes of their time to clean up what they can find on the beach.”

“It’s just a small gesture from us,” he said, speaking about the restaurant’s offer of a free hot chocolate for people who fill up a bucket. “We’ve had quite a big uptake – it’s gone mad on social media, so we’ve had quite a lot of people through the doors.”

Dan’s not wrong. In a recent Reddit post, a photo of The Stable’s beach-clean-promoting blackboard received upwards of 100,000 upvotes, leading it to the top of the website’s front page.

“It’s an ongoing problem. The tides are always coming in and out and they’re always bringing new problems with them,” he said, indicating that more work could be done. “It’s an ongoing mission, and we’re going to keep doing it. It’s more people that do the 2 minute beach clean the better.”

To find out more, TruthFal’s Scarlet and Jack made the tip to Newquay to investigate.