Right Now: voices are heard in the film festival which fights injustice and corruption

The Right Now film festival is heading to Falmouth later this month, bringing with it an insightful assortment of feature-length documentaries.

The festival takes a deep look at the power structures and inequalities that are prevalent in the world today, telling stories not typically covered by mainstream cinema.

Right Now aim to expose the motives and truths behind global systems, to address unjust balances of power in six documentaries which will be screened in independent cinemas across the UK between the 21st – 27th of March.

The issues they cover range from the outrage in Ferguson after the killing of Michael Brown in Whose Streets?, to the chaotic and often violent development that is shaping modern-day Cambodia.

Only two of the festival’s films will come to The Poly in Falmouth: Free Lunch Society and Brexitannia on the 26th and 27th of March.

Christian Tod brings Free Lunch Society to the festival, which looks at the state of the middle class and their fall from grace.

As Universal Basic Income is trialled in Scotland this year, Tod takes a playful and fascinating look into the concept and how it could be a reality.

While Brexitannia paints an honest portrait of Britain after Brexit, examining the “portrait of a democracy in all its impossible and ugly glory.”

In the first film made about Brexit, directed by Timothy George Kelly, it explores the many perspectives of the people affected by Brexit, without judgement while still packing in a subtle force.

The screenings will mark the one year to go until the official EU withdrawal date in March 2019.

Festival director, Tom Vaughan says: “We were compelled to create a programme that brings together some of today’s biggest talking points.

“We believe in the power film has in educating and raising awareness, and that the best films can be an informative facilitator of social change. We look forward to screening the programme to audiences across the country.”

Buy your tickets now at Falmouth’s Poly Cinema, links to the screenings can be found here:




To find out more about the festival, visit: https://www.rightnowfilmfestival.org/